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Sonntag, Mai 21, 2006

Hi and why....

So here it is. My blog.

Since I write a bunch of stuff in the net on other sites, in my favorite forum www.logicuser.de/forum and am involved in developing a cross media festival; www.TWEAKfest.ch I decided I could might as well start my own blog - as an experiment on one hand and for sharing news, my thoughts and views on the other... or maybe just for the sake of having the bloody thing... ;-)

I will be bloggin on my favorite topics here; music on DAW's, Audio hardware and software as well as other interesting hard- and software, the surroundings of the so called "Digital Lifestyle", news on these topics, software reviews, some independent journalistic output of tech/music/digital art events that I visit and so on... maybe some gibberish or personal outcries at times too... hey I'm only human as well...

So let's see if I can take this thing anywhere, or if it will go belly up and find its destiny in the depts of web 2.0 nirvana...


Zürich, Switzerland


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